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"Once Upon a Time... One women's path to Nirvana"

In this article, Tom Burton tells the story of one woman's journey of transforming her small water garden into an outdoor oasis.
Outdoor Oasis    

"Adding Night Interest to Your Pond"

Darren Lucas explores how low voltage lighting can add interest and excitement to a the pond during the evening hours.
Night Interest

How to Build and Maintain a Proper Koi Pond

Tom Burton explains the dos and don'ts of how to build and maintain a proper koi pond.  Its a great article for anyone interested in building a proper koi pond.
How to build and maintain a proper koi pond.

Can Anyone Out There Build A Proper Koi Pond  -  In Search Of The Right Koi Pond Builder

Tom Burton explains the importance of choosing an experienced pond builder before starting construction.
Build a Proper Koi Pond

Mid Atlantic Koi Club at the New York Botanical Gardens

Charles Ruby, a client of ours as well as a member of the Mid Atlantic Koi Club, gave a presentation at the New York Botanical Gardens. He presented the top 25 tips for koi ponds.
New York Botanical Gardens

True UV Performance

UV lights are great tools to keep down the floating algae in the pond.  In this article Steve Zimmer or Emperor Aquatics, Inc talks about how to properly use UV.
True UV Performance


Filtration Systems

filtration system

We specialize in building filtration systems for your pond that can make your ownership of a pond a pleasure, not a hassle. Filtration »

Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting

Adding lighting around your pond can add a new dimension to your pond during the evening hours. Lighting »

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

We offer many customizable service plans to maintain your pond and its natural beauty.  Pond Maintenance »