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News and Website Updates

December 23, 2011

It has been a great season and I would like to say Thank You and wish you a Happy Holiday Season and  New Year of health, happiness and prosperity.  There will be some updates to the site this winter so please stop back and check for updates.

August 15, 2011

I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks taking photos of projects that have been finished over the past few years.  I will put them on the website soon but they are located on our facebook page.  Please take a look.
July 12, 2011

It has been a very busy spring and I have not had a chance to update the site.  I will be working on some updates in the next few weeks. Animals chewed a hole in the rubber liner I have been working on a repair of a waterfall that just started to leak out of nowhere.  After taking apart the entire waterfall it was determined some animal had chewed several holes in the liner.  This pond did not have any fish in it so the waterfall was on a timer.  It is advised to not have waterfalls on a timer because when the water is off animals can chew very large holes in the liner.  I have not seen any problems like this on ones that have been running.

 March 12, 2011 

 It looks like after a very hard winter with a lot of snow spring is finally here.  We will be    starting waterfalls and filters next week.  Pond cleanouts with follow at the end of March.  Please call or email to schedule you opening and cleanouts.


February 9, 2011

After almost a year of work the new Nature's Touch Ponds website has been launched.  Please look through the site and send some feedback.  There will be continuing changes and updates as the year goes on.


 February 1, 2011

Nature's Touch Ponds is now on Facebook.   Click the Like button to follow us.



 January 29, 2011
Easy Pro Certified Aquatic SpecialistEasy Pro  is a leader in the water garden market.  Darren Lucas has been recognized by Easy Pro as a Certified Aquatic Specialist.


 January 28, 2011 
Certified Professional Pond Contractor Darren Lucas received his designation as of Certified Professional Pond Contractor (CPPC) by the International Professional Pond Contractors Association (IPPCA).  Attaining the CPPC certification was not simple. Darren had to be a member in good standing, submit a portfolio of completed projects with customer verification of proper installation, maintenance and service, provide proof of insurance,  and proof of insurance.

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!  With this new year there are going to be a few changes, starting with a new website.  This website will take a few months to complete but will be much easier to navigate and easier to update.  Please stop back to check the new updates. 

Filtration Systems

filtration system

We specialize in building filtration systems for your pond that can make your ownership of a pond a pleasure, not a hassle. Filtration »

Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting

Adding lighting around your pond can add a new dimension to your pond during the evening hours. Lighting »

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

We offer many customizable service plans to maintain your pond and its natural beauty.  Pond Maintenance »